What is zenhub? (2023)

What is ZenHub explained?

ZenHub is the leading project management platform built for software development teams using GitHub. Tightly integrated within GitHub, ZenHub lets users easily move issues through pipelines on a Kanban board, organize complex projects into Epics, and customize workflows to meet individual team's needs with Workspaces.

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What are the advantages of ZenHub?

Zenhub helps teams implement agile in a way that works for their needs. With automated sprints and workflows, simplified reports and insights, Zenhub is an easier onramp for teams to adopt and execute repeatable, winning agile processes.

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How to work with ZenHub?

To use Zenhub, simply download our robust browser extension for Firefox or Chrome. Once you accept the permissions and sign in with GitHub, you'll notice a host of features added right into your GitHub interface.

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What is the difference between GitHub and ZenHub?

While the ability to add labels is available in GitHub, Zenhub lets you add a “high priority” flag, so you can get an even more granular look at the work that's happening. This added refinement makes Zenhub powerful for both developers and product owners.

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How old is ZenHub?

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What does icebox mean in ZenHub?

Icebox. The Icebox represents items that are a low priority in the product backlog. We don't want to delete these and create a cycle of raising duplicate issues, so we keep them in our icebox with just enough information attached that we can pick it up some time in the future — if and when we choose to do so.

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Who makes ZenHub?

In 2014, Zenhub was built by a team of developers in Vancouver, Canada, to manage projects while preserving their focus in GitHub. Our tight-knit team hails from multiple countries and industries. A few of us have worked at Barclays, Microsoft and Baidu.

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What are epics in ZenHub?

What are Epics? Epics are a theme of work that contains several issues, or sub-tasks. Epics are the best way to group related issues together into larger goals that span sprints (typically 2-6 weeks).

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What is a release in ZenHub?

A release report in ZenHub allows teams to plan across any repositories in the organization for upcoming deadlines. Using GitHub issues, you can organize a release report around any set of tasks or stories.

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How do I set up ZenHub?

To get started, head to app.zenhub.com and sign in with your email and password, Google Auth0 or GitHub. Once signed in, you'll be prompted to name the Zenhub Organization you'd like to start with. To access all Zenhub's features, you need to connect with GitHub.

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How do I get ZenHub?

If you're new to Zenhub, here's how you can create an account:
  1. Go to Zenhub.com and click “Try for free”
  2. Input your work email and create a password, then click “Create an account”
  3. Tell us what type of project you're using Zenhub for and what your role is.
  4. Tell us your organization's name.

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Is ZenHub part of GitHub?

ZenHub is the only project management tool that integrates natively within GitHub's user interface. No lengthy onboarding. No configuration headaches. No separate logins.

What is zenhub? (2023)
Why use ZenHub with GitHub?

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No lengthy onboarding. No configuration headaches. No separate logins. Developers stay in an environment they love and Project Managers get total visibility into the development process.

What is estimate in ZenHub?

Sort issues on the Board by estimate

Once you have estimated issues, you can sort each pipeline on the ZenHub Board by story points. Click on the Sort pipeline option and select Estimate to get a complete picture of the estimates of most issues in the workflow.

What is a sprint in ZenHub?

What are ZenHub sprints? In Agile-Scrum, sprints are a fixed length of time (typically two weeks) during which an agreed-upon chunk of work is completed and ready to be shipped. ZenHub sprints allow teams to group issues together that will be completed within this timeframe.

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