What does Samsung my files do? (2023)

What does Samsung my files do?

Galaxy devices have a My Files app to access and manage files such as documents, pictures, videos, audio files, and downloads. You can also move files to a micro SD card or a cloud service if the device does not have enough internal memory.

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Can I delete My Files on my Samsung phone?

Select the item in your file explorer. Then, tap the trash button or press the three-dot menu and choose Delete. Confirm you understand deletion can't be undone and tap Delete again. This is how you should delete your files on Android.

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How do I manage files on my Samsung?

Managing files on your Android phone

With Google's Android 8.0 Oreo release, meanwhile, the file manager lives in Android's Downloads app. All you have to do is open that app and select the "Show internal storage" option in its menu to browse through your phone's full internal storage.

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Where are My Files on my Samsung phone?

You can find almost all the files on your smartphone in the My Files app. By default, this will appear in the folder named Samsung. If you are having trouble finding the My Files app, you should try using the search feature. To begin, swipe up on your home screen to see your apps.

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Do I need the My Files app?

The Samsung My Files app is all about utility and managing storage, but users rarely need it unless something goes wrong. If you can't locate a file on your phone, but you're sure it was downloaded, this app can help.

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What is my files app used for?

Using My Files, you can view your images, videos, audio files and documents, move files to and from internal and external storage and remove data. To find the My Files folder, search using the app search or in the default Samsung folder on your apps screen.

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How do I clear my phone storage without deleting everything?

Here are the tips to regain storage space on your Android without touching installed apps.
  1. Find and Remove Large Media Files. ...
  2. Delete Downloads From Streaming Apps. ...
  3. Clear Cache for Frequently Used Apps. ...
  4. Try Lite Apps. ...
  5. Use Cloud Storage. ...
  6. Free up Storage From Google Photos. ...
  7. Check Storage Manager.
Aug 10, 2022

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What should I delete when my phone storage is full Samsung?

  1. Close apps that don't respond. Android manages the memory that apps use. ...
  2. Uninstall apps that you don't use. If you uninstall an app and need it later, you can download it again. ...
  3. Clear the app's cache and data. You can usually clear an app's cache and data through your phone's Settings app.

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What happens if you delete Android files?

The file will stay in your trash for 30 days before being automatically deleted. If you're the owner of the file, others can view it until you permanently delete the file. If you're not the owner, others can see the file even if you empty your trash. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app.

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What are my files on my phone?

View your files
  1. On your Android device, open Files by Google .
  2. On the bottom, tap Browse .
  3. Tap a category. You'll see files from that category in a list.
  4. To change how the files display, tap Grid view . To go back to a list, tap List view .
  5. Optional: To sort your files, on the top right, tap More . Select Sort by.

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Where are my files located?

On your phone, you can usually find your files in the Files app . If you can't find the Files app, your device manufacturer might have a different app.
Find & open files
  • Open your phone's Files app . Learn where to find your apps.
  • Your downloaded files will show. To find other files, tap Menu . ...
  • To open a file, tap it.

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Is Samsung my files free?

With respect to previous versions, Samsung My Files lets you save content straight to Samsung Cloud Drive. This is super important for freeing up space on your smartphone by taking advantage of those free 15GB offered to anyone who owns a Samsung device.

What does Samsung my files do? (2023)
What are the other files on my Samsung phone?

It includes items such as system files, cached data, and temporary files that do not fall into any other storage categories. The data contained in the “Other” storage category cannot be deleted directly from your device. However, you can clear some of it by deleting cache or app data.

How do I set up files on my Samsung phone?

Creating New Folders in the My Files app
  1. 1 Launch the My Files app.
  2. 2 Tap on Internal Storage.
  3. 3 Tap on.
  4. 4 Select Create folder.
  5. 5 Name your folder then tap on Create.
  6. 6 Once the folder has been created search for the document, video, photo or audio file you would like to move or copy to the new folder.
Oct 18, 2022

What happens if I clear data on My Files app?

Some apps store temporary files. You can free up space on your device by clearing these files. App settings are not affected. Important: If you clear junk files or delete files using Files by Google, the data will be permanently deleted.

Which is better Google files or Samsung files?

Samsung comfortably wins this round. Allow me to elaborate. The company supports Internal storage, SD card (if your phone supports), and online cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You can connect an FTP server, SFTP server, and a network drive from the Network storage menu.

What files should I not delete?

To prevent any miserable data loss in your Windows computer, avoid deleting these seven windows files and folders.
  • Program files folder. ...
  • WinSxS folder. ...
  • System32 folder. ...
  • Windows folder. ...
  • System volume information folder. ...
  • Swapfile. ...
  • Pagefile.
Aug 11, 2021

What does the Files app do on Android?

Use Files by Google to free up space on your device and browse and share your files. Files by Google works on Android version 5.0 and up. If you don't have the app, you can download it from the Play Store.

Do I have any hidden files on my phone?

Tap on the "Menu" option and locate the "Setting" button; Tap on "Settings." Find the option "Show Hidden Files" and toggle the option; You will be able to view all of your hidden files again!

Why do I need a file manager app?

A file manager application can help you organize, store and transfer files on your mobile device. You can choose from several file manager apps for Android or iOS. File manager apps are great for freeing up storage on your mobile device and securely storing important files.

What should I delete when storage is full?

  1. Close apps that don't respond. Android manages the memory that apps use. You don't usually need to close apps. ...
  2. Uninstall apps you don't use. If you uninstall an app and need it later, you can download it again. ...
  3. Clear the app's cache & data. You can usually clear an app's cache and data through your phone's Settings app.

What apps should not be on my phone?

Here's the list of these dangerous apps.
  • 117. Document Manager.
  • 217. Coin track Loan - Online loan.
  • 317. Cool Caller Screen.
  • 417. PSD Auth Protector.
  • 517. RGB Emoji Keyboard.
  • 617. Camera Translator Pro.
  • 717. Fast PDF Scanner.
  • 817. Air Balloon Wallpaper.
Jul 5, 2022

What happens when phone storage is full?

And when a phone's storage is almost full, it will automatically remove all backed-up photos and videos. If you don't want to do that, you can manually clear out your downloads by going through your download directory, Fisco says.

How do I free up space on my Samsung without deleting photos?

To remove Apps Cache and Apps Data, follow these steps:
  1. 1 Tap Settings.
  2. 2 Tap Apps.
  3. 3 Select the desired App.
  4. 4 Tap Storage.
  5. 5 To clear App Data, tap CLEAR DATA. To clear App Cache, tap CLEAR CACHE.
Jul 27, 2022

How do I clear storage on my Samsung without deleting anything?

Clear the cache

To clear cached data from a single or specific program, just go to Settings> Applications>Application Manager and tap on the app, of which the cached data you want to remove. In the information menu, tap on Storage and then “Clear Cache” to remove the relative cached files.

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